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Your Day at the Park

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Your Day at the Park


How can I get the most out of my time at the Park?
Go off-season when the Parks are less crowded, but check the Park’s hours to make sure they haven’t cut too much time out of your day.
Go on days when the Park is open extra hours.
Check the daily attendance records and go on the lighter days. Surprisingly, the weekend may be less crowded since many are using the weekend as traveling days for their weeklong vacations.
Plan ahead and come prepared.
Get there early.
Use the tip board for day specific information.
Use the map when you plan to avoid crisscrossing.
Take a restroom break whenever you are close to a restroom.
Don’t follow the crowd, look for the road less traveled. Many people will go to the right and move clockwise throughout the Park. Check into going left and moving counterclockwise.
Eat during the off-hours.
Be kind to your body.
When should I get there?
Arrive early, at least a ½ hour before they open. Some parks will allow you to enter even earlier. You will not be able to get on the rides early, but you might be first in line.
You’ll get a good Parking place and many of the Parks will let you into the Park a little earlier then the published opening times.
This is also a good way to get a great spot in line for the most popular rides.
Eat a good breakfast before you go. You’ll need the energy, but be sure to leave time for the meal to settle before you get to the Park.
Will parking be a problem?
This will depend on which Park you attend.
Many Parks charge for parking, so make sure to include this in your budget.
Most Parks have enough parking, so your biggest problem probably won’t be finding a space, but finding your way back to it at the end of the day.
Most Parks use characters and/or colors to label their parking lot sections. Remember where you park, even if you have to write your section’s name down. There are over 11,000 parking spaces at Disney’s Magic Kingdom alone.
Theme Park’s parking lots tend to be filled with lots of similar looking rental cars hiding behind the largest collection of minivans you’ve ever seen. Again, write your section’s name down.
What should I do as soon as I get to the Park?
Ask the ticket taker for the location of the tip board and get a Park map.
Rent a stroller or wheelchair if you need them. These services are generally available at the very front of the park.
You’ll want to have a plan to get to see as much as possible. Use the Park’s map and tip board to help you plan your day. You want to avoid killing yourself by walking back and forth across the Park.
Plan on mixing outdoor rides with indoor or cooler water rides in each section of the Park. Mix in rides that give you lots of sitting time, between the rides where you’ll be standing in line for long periods of time. This will provide you with breaks and help you to stay cool.
Check out the tip board for parade routes, character appearances, time and other helpful information on rides such as wait times, hours open, height, age and health restrictions.
Be sure to note the location of lost and found, restaurants, water fountains and restrooms on the Park’s map.
You should look through the map’s index of the Park’s restaurants and see if you can decide on a place to eat. You might want to check them out first so you’ll know to look for them when you are in a particular area of the Park. If there is a particular place you want to eat, you don’t want to waste all your time walking across the Park to get there. Make a plan that will leave you in that area when it is time to eat.
You should also locate the Park’s restrooms while you have the map out so that you’ll be able to take advantage of them when one is in the area.
Agree on a meeting place if you get separated.
How do we know where to go if we get separated?
While you’re still all together and you have the map out, find a central meeting place for everyone in case you get separated.
Remember that some of the good central landmarks like Cinderella’s Castle are quite large, so be specific. Make the meeting place in front of the Castle, next to the pond closest to Tomorrowland and make sure everyone knows how to get there.
How can I get the best spot to see the parade?
If you love a parade, stake out your spot early since they usually draw crowds.
Check the tip board or Park map to find the parade route.
Picking an incline might allow you a better view of the whole parade. This way you can look down on the whole parade as it comes toward you.
Picking a spot toward the beginning of the parade will provide you a jump on everyone else. You will have finished watching the parade and made it to the most popular rides while most of the crowd is still watching the parade.
Make sure to check out your spot with a Park employee, you don’t want to wait half an hour, only to be moved to the back of the crowd because your perfect spot is in the middle of the parade route.
Pick the side of the street you want to be on when the parade ends. The parade route may block your access to areas you want to be in until after the parade is over.
When is the best time to eat?
Eat a good breakfast before you get to the Park. Once there, try to eat earlier or later than most. Eat while the restaurants are empty and everyone else is crowded on the rides. If you don’t care for a parade, skip it and eat. Everyone else will crowd the parade route and leave the restaurants empty. If you eat during the off hours, you won’t waste your time in line at the restaurant and you’ll be able to ride with shorter lines while all the others are eating.
How can I make a day at the Theme Park easier on my body?
Drink plenty of water throughout the day. You might not want to pay soft drink prices for the bottled water, but plenty of water will help your body to make it through the day.
You can get really hot, but avoid the temptation to gulp down really cold water. This quick shock to your body can be very dangerous.
Pay attention to ride height and health restrictions; they are there for a reason. If you try to sneak in when you were advised not to ride and ignore the posted warnings, you may end up suffering for the rest of your trip.
You should consider mixing some indoor shows, or theater rides with outdoors or action rides. This will give you some much needed little breaks to sit down and cool off throughout the day.
If you don’t think you can make it for a whole day at the Park, you might consider breaking up your time there with a mid-afternoon break instead of just leaving early. This break could allow you to spend more time in the Park throughout your day. The night usually brings lower temperatures and thinning crowds, so it will be easier on you to enjoy the Park. Don’t forget to get your hand stamped, also keep your ticket and your Parking pass.
You’ll be tempted with lots of tasty treats all day. Remember that your body is already stressed by all the activity so try to fit some healthy food into your day. Rich foods are more difficult for your body to digest.
If a particular food sometimes upsets your stomach, stay away from it at the Park. The rides are designed to toss you around, but they don’t want you to toss back.
Don’t save the water rides for last or you’ll have a soggy ride home.
How can I keep all the souvenirs I buy from weighting me down?
When buying souvenirs, remember you might have to carry them around all day. Check with the Park to see if there are any other options available before you get too loaded down.
You might hold off your purchases until the end of the day. Many Park’s will close their rides, but still leave their shops open for a while. This will also allow the Parking lot some time to thin out.
Some of the Parks will hold your purchase to pick up at the front gate when you leave.
Some Parks can arrange for delivery to your local hotel or your home address.
Many Parks have lockers available.
If you've rented a stroller, use it to help with some of the heavy carrying, but don't leave packages on your stroller when you leave the stroller unsupervised.
What should I do if I get too tired and decide I need to leave?
If you think you’ve had enough and it’s time to leave, get your hand stamped. A little rest, a shower and you might feel like returning, especially since it cools off a little after sunset and the crowds thin out. Most of the Parks have a grand finale show such as a big parade, light show, and fireworks or live action thriller. These are often spectacular and if you can’t make the whole day, you might consider coming back so you don’t miss one of the best parts of the Park. You’ll want to keep your ticket and Parking pass since most Parking passes are good for the whole day


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