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What is an Air

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> What is an Air


What is an Air/Sea cruise?
This means that your cruise has been booked with Airline tickets to get you to the ship’s port and back home again.
How does an Air/Sea Cruise work?
The Cruise Line buys its tickets in bulk from the Airlines. They find out where you are coming from and book you passage from a nearby airport to one close to the ship’s home port. Each Cruise Line has its own policy on how they deal with the sale of Airline tickets so you’ll want to ask some important questions.
What is the cost of the tickets if I book them with my cruise?
If I need to cancel, are the refund policies different for the plane tickets than for the cruise?
Is there a service fee charged to have the Cruise Line issue my Airline tickets?
Do I have any choice in which Airline is used?
Can I get credit for my frequent flyer mileage membership?
Can I fly nonstop or have any control over the route that is taken, or do I just get what ever they find?
How do I get from the Airport to the ship’s port?
Is there a shuttle service available from the airport where you’ll be arriving? Is there a charge for this service or is it included? Is the service included if you don’t book your flight through the Cruise Line?
How and when do I meet up with Cruise Line personnel?
How is my luggage handled, do I have to pick it up at the airport or is it automatically sent to the ship?
What accommodations, if any, are made if the Airline they use causes me to miss the ship?
Should I book my plane ticket with my cruise or buy them separately?
You should consider the advantages and disadvantages.
Can you get a better deal on your own?
The strongest consideration should be how confident you are in being able to make it to the ship on your own. If you are already flying in a few days early, know you’ll be there on time and you can save over the Air/Sea on plane tickets and shuttle costs, then you might just consider going it alone. But, remember you are going it alone.
The Cruise Lines will be more likely to make accommodations and work with the Airline if their booking didn’t get you to the ship on time. They will be better able to track your late flight and might even delay the ship if they know you’ll only be slightly late. They might pay for you to stay in a hotel or pay for flights so you can catch up with the ship at the first port. Depending on the circumstances, they might even rebate some of your cruise or give you a discount toward your next cruise with them. However, the Airlines are independent contractors. Most cruise conditions of carriage state that since the Airlines are independent contractors the Cruise Line makes no warranty and assumes no responsibility for any failure or delay in their contractor’s services. This is another reason to purchase a strong trip insurance package.
If the route you picked to make it to the ship fails, you are on your own. Don’t risk missing the whole cruise over a few frequent flyer miles. Sure you can probably get on if you can catch the ship, but will you be able to find a flight and transportation to the ship. Will it be worth it, considering how much you’ll have to pay in last minute travel arrangements?
No matter how you get there, try to avoid this situation by booking a flight that leaves you plenty of time to get you to and from the port to the Airport.
What are the advantages of buying Air/Sea Cruise package?
They take care of the Airline reservation.
Since Cruise Lines buy in bulk and usually provide a discount package rate, the ticket price is generally low.
The transfer of luggage can be easier.
A free shuttle from the airport to the docks is often included.
The Cruise Line will have your flight information and will be able to track your flight in case of a delay. Others on the cruise might be on the same flight and they might just hold the ship.
The biggest advantage is that if anything goes wrong to delay you, the Cruise Line will generally become more involved to help you make it on board the ship.
What are the disadvantages of buying the Air/Sea Cruise package?
You might be able to find a better deal on your own.
You might not be able to get credit for your frequent flyer miles.
You might have to fly an Airline you don’t like.
You might not be able to fly nonstop.
You might end up flying a longer route than you’d pick for yourself.


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