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Waiting to be Seated

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How can I avoid the long lines at the popular Theme Restaurants?
Theme Restaurants have been the new, hot item in the Restaurant world lately. Many are wildly popular and provide a truly unique dining experience. Unfortunately, since everyone wants to enjoy this uniqueness you may have to work a little to avoid the long waits that are common at these Restaurants.
Call and ask; they may be able to suggest a way around the waits.
Unfortunately many restaurants won't take reservations, but if your restaurant will, be sure and make them.
See if some nights are less crowded than others.
See which hours are the slowest. Eating during the off-hours, an earlier or later lunch or dinner will be less crowded. However, this may not be the best strategy for a buffet Restaurant. You might get stuck with less than fresh food.
Consider going there for lunch, it might be a quicker way to get that same good food and cool atmosphere everyone else waits for at dinnertime. Many Restaurants even have lower prices at lunch, but make sure to confirm that the lunch menu will have the items you want to order.
What should I do if I am faced with a long wait?
If you are faced with long waits when you arrive, you do have options.
Ask to look at a dinner menu while you wait, this will make the wait seem shorter; and since you’ll be closer to an order decision, you’ll be closer to food.
Check the special's board for any special menu additions or pricing specials.
Strike up a conversation with the others that are waiting, you may get to meet some interesting people; and, if they have already been to the Restaurant, they can advise you on what’s good.
If you can live with or without cigarettes, check to see if switching to a smoking or nonsmoking preference will speed your seating.
You might want to ask about dividing your party. Although it won’t always be appropriate, often two parties of four can be seated much faster then one party of eight. If you’ve all been together for a couple of days already, it might even be a nice break.
Although it may be a little less comfortable, the bar area may have seating immediately available where you can receive the same service and a full menu.
Depending on the weather, you might want to consider patio dining. These tables might be a quicker path to food, but make sure you’ll be comfortable and able to enjoy your meal outdoors. Also, you might want to check the chairs. Since the patio furniture has to be more durable, it might be less comfortable for some in your party than the Restaurants indoor dining room chairs.


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