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Special Services & Programs

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Can Hotels honor my special requests?
When making a reservation, don’t forget to make your special requests. It’s not a guarantee, but letting them know your special request up front helps them to find a room that will make you happy.
If smoke bothers you, most Hotels take requests for nonsmoking rooms.
Many Hotels will honor a request for a room in a certain location of the Hotel.
Many Hotels are adding business suites designed for the business traveler.
Some Hotels can childproof a room before you arrive.
How can the Hotel’s concierge improve my stay in town?
Not all Hotels have a concierge, but if they do, a good concierge can be very helpful. They are there to make your Hotel stay extra special. If you haven’t been able to get a good tee time or those reservations at the hot new restaurant, the concierge may have the connections to make it happen. A concierge works for tips and since they can provide such a wide variety of services, there aren’t really standard tipping guidelines. Simple requests can be rewarded with small tips, but more complex and difficult requests should be rewarded accordingly.
Do Hotels reward you with frequent flyer mileage?
Yes, some have programs where your stay will accumulate frequent flyer mileage. You may be able to charge meals and other Hotel services to your room to get even more frequent flyer points.
Do Hotels have any loyalty programs of their own?
Yes, many Hotels also have developed loyalty programs where a stay will earn points toward gifts or free days on future Hotel stays. You should check into joining a Hotel’s loyalty program.
Many Hotel Chains have partnered brands. They offer brand names at several economic levels, from budget roadway Hotels all the way to luxury resorts. Staying at any location within their chain can earn you points.
In addition to the spiffs they offer this could also qualify you for further discounts, upgrades or other special deals.
Some Hotels even have special floors of upgraded rooms available for their club members.
These programs will often allow you to skip the big lines and reduce your check-in and checkout times.


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