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Ship Information

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Ship Information


What do I need to know about the ship before I book my cruise?
You’ll want to know the size of the ship; they can give it to you in tonnage such as 60,000 tons and/or number of passenger. You also want to know when the ship was launched and when it was last refurbished.
You’ll also want to know the square footage. Or at least the range of square footage of the cabin classes you are interested in. This will give you some information for comparison. You may find a particular ship has bigger cabins at a certain class than another ship.
If your cabin has a veranda, make sure the size of the veranda is not included in your cabin square footage, so that you are comparing cabin size to cabin size.
You might want to investigate the ship’s sanitation record. See our Cruise Safety section for information on how to investigate a ship’s sanitation record.
Aren’t all the ships within a certain Cruise Line the same, you know sister ships?
Some Cruise Lines do have sister ships, which are ships that were built to very similar specifications.
The Cruise Lines will have other similarities in their ships.
They will tend to recruit their officers and crews from a certain area of the world.
The same Entertainment Company may provide much of their entertainment or shows.
Their activities will be designed for a certain type of cruiser.
The types of décor will often have a certain feel.
The menus can be similar or even identical.
However, Cruise Lines also will have some differences in their ships.
Most Cruise Lines have a variety of ships in different sizes that will offer different amenities.
The age and condition of ships within a certain line will also vary.
Even in an identical sister-ship you will have two different crews so it’s best to do research on both the Cruise Line and your particular ship.
Why do I need to know the overall size of the ship? Isn’t it the bigger the better?
Not necessarily, the bigger the better won’t be everyone’s idea of a perfect cruise. Knowing the size of the ship will help you decide which cruise will provide the better match for your personal tastes.
The Cruise Lines have been building some huge ships lately and the bigger ships have room for every imaginable activity.
The bigger ships can provide more options, but they will also have more people on board to pay for all that size.
Bigger doesn’t automatically mean less crowded. In fact, some can seem more crowded.
The smaller ships can also have plenty of activity in a more intimate setting.
Why do I need to know when the ship was launched or refurbished?
This will help you to judge the overall condition of the ship. You may see pictures of the ship on the Cruise Line’s web site, but those pictures were probably taken when the ship was new or just redecorated. You want to have some idea of the age of those pictures. Inaugural cruises and sailing just after refurbishment can be exciting since everything is new and fresh, but you might be the one to discover that the new toilet in your cabin doesn’t work.
Are there smoke free areas on the ship?
Yes, most have smoke free dining sections and many have smoke free dining rooms.
Many of the general entertainment areas are also divided into smoking and nonsmoking sections. Some ships only allow cigar and pipe smoking on the outside decks.
Some Cruise Lines are beginning to offer nonsmoking cruises and even prohibit you from bringing any tobacco products on board. But, it’s a little too early to see if these will become main stream offerings.
If you do go on a nonsmoking cruise, don’t break the rules. The rules of these cruises usually state that you can be put off the ship if you smoke or even possess tobacco products. You do not receive any reimbursement for your lost cruise and must make your own way home. You may even be subject to a fine for smoking on the ship. If you think they are kidding when they say nonsmoking only, know that people have already been put off the ship for breaking the rules.


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