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Safety Hints

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Safety Hints


What if when I get to the car, it has existing body or interior damage?
You might want to ask for another car if you’re unhappy with the first vehicle.
Have the Rental Company’s representative describe the damage on the contract, so you won’t be held accountable on return.
Have them put down their name or employee number and keep a copy.
What should I do if I lose my keys or lock them inside the rental car?
Don’t, most Rental Companies don’t keep extra sets of keys at their locations.
Because of liability claims most police departments won’t let their officers jimmy the locks.
Check the driver’s side door for a key code panel if you’re just locked out of your car, the Rental Company may be able to release the code to open the door over the phone. If the trunk is open check it for stickers, many manufactures print the key code numbers on a sticker in the trunk.
Still stuck? Call the Rental Company so they can recommend what you should do next. They may have the ability to cut another key or be able to recommend a locksmith.
Here is the real bad news. Security systems on cars are getting better and many have ignition keys that are very difficult to copy. Every year another model is issued with a system that requires newly cut ignition keys to be programmed into the car’s computer before they will work. The keys themselves have chips in them and even just cracking the plastic cover on the key can be enough to make the keys useless. Yes, this will take time and money.
Before you have someone dispatched from the Rental Car Company, see if and how much you will be charged. If you created the problem, there is a good chance you’ll be charged. You may be able to find a cheaper solution yourself. Your auto club membership or credit card may offer a free locksmith service. However, don’t get too creative, you’ll be held accountable for any damage done to the automobile.
What if I’m in an accident with my rental car?
You want as much information as you can get.
Make sure to get the name and driver’s license number of the other parties involved in the accident. You’ll need to get a current address and phone number, as well as, their insurance information.
You'll want to a description of their vehicle including its license plate number.
You'll want to note the date, time and location of the accident.
You’ll also want contact information from any witnesses to the accident.
State laws vary on the need to report the accident, but if the accident is serious enough to involve the police, be sure to get a copy of the police report.
Notify the Rental Company as soon as possible for further instructions.
If you declined the Rental Company’s collision or damage waiver, you’ll need to notify your insurance agent and/or your credit card company that a claim will need to be made.
Remember to allow extra time on return for an accident report if you keep driving the car.
Depending on the Rental Company’s policy and the circumstances of the accident, the company may deny you a replacement vehicle.
What should I do if I only have a small accident and the Rental Company tells me to keep the car until I’m ready to return it?
You can follow their instructions, but make sure the vehicle is still safe and legal to operate.
You won’t want to get in another accident or get a ticket because of a broken taillight.
You need to leave some extra time planned when you return the car. Don’t cut it close to your flight because you’ll have to fill out an accident report when you return the car.


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