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Returning the Car

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Returning the Car


What do I need to do at return?
Give the car a complete search before you return it. Check the glove box, visors, back window area, console etc. or you may listen to little Kimmy whine for the whole four hour flight home that she left her souvenir sunglasses in the door pockets of the car.
Remove all of your keys from the rental car’s key chain or you may find yourself explaining to your spouse that they should have brought their keys because they should have known you were going to leave yours on the rental car’s key ring. Oh yes, this will signal that the vacation is over.
Remove your copy of the rental agreement from the car, it probably has some personal information printed on it.
If the car had any problems, notify the return agent so they can see the car gets fixed before it is rented again.
Get a receipt when you turn in the car, check to make sure it is correct and that you have been given credit for any frequent flyer miles or other bonus program points. If you paid in cash, make sure your receipt is marked "paid in cash".
Should I trust my hotel to return my rental car?
As a service to their customers, many hotels have become involved in the rental return process. Some hotels even have a Rental Company location inside their lobby. Unless you are returning the car directly to the Rental Company’s personnel, you need to be very careful about what you do. You signed the contact and you are legally responsible for the car until it is returned to the Rental Company. There are many possibilities that the return could be mishandled. You could end up being charged for additional hours, days, miles, fuel or even damage to the vehicle. If you plan on using the hotel to return your car, call the Rental Company directly. They need to be involved to make sure the return is handled properly.


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