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  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Reservation


Will I need reservations?
Many Restaurants in tourist areas don’t accept reservations. However, they are usually strongly recommended at dinner shows and the most expensive Restaurants. Therefore, depending on the type of Restaurant you might want to call the Restaurant at the beginning of your stay in town to ask. If the Restaurant has a particularly hot reputation, you may want to call as soon as you make plans to visits. If you’re from out of town and you’ve heard enough to make you want to go to the Restaurant, then you’d better get your name on their list quick.
What type of questions should I ask when I call a Restaurant?
What is your menu’s price range?
In what types of food does your Restaurant specialize?
How is your lunch menu different from your dinner menu?
Can I make a reservation?
When is it usually less crowded?
What type of dress is appropriate?
Are there any special nights this week for live entertainment?
How about any special theme nights, such as Italian or seafood?
Do you have any happy hour specials? What times are these specials available?
Do you have any exceptions or exclusions to the coupons or discounts I wish to use?
Can you honor my special requests?
What type of information will I need to make a reservation?
Date and time you’re planning on arriving.
Number of people that will be in your party.
The name you would like the reservation made under.
Some Restaurants will require a credit card number to guarantee your reservation.
Any special requests you need to make such as smoking/nonsmoking, particular seating arrangements or special event celebrations.
What do I need to confirm with the Restaurant when making a reservation?
Have them read back all your information to see if they got it correctly.
Make sure they understand and have listed any special requests you have made.
Get the name of the employee who is taking your reservation in case there is any confusion later.
Confirm the Restaurant’s reservation cancellation policy. Some Restaurants will place a cancellation fee on your credit card if you fail to cancel the reservation within a certain time frame.
What should I do if I am planning on using a coupon?
Check the coupon carefully for its rules of use.
Make sure it will be valid when you are planning to use it.
See if there a minimum purchase required.
Check to see if there are any exceptions or exemptions to its use.
Remember to bring the coupon along.
Notify the waiter that you are planning on using a coupon.
Give your waiter your coupon before your bill is totaled. This will save them having to refigure your bill and keep you waiting.


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