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Refueling Options

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Refueling Options


What options do I have about refueling the car?
You will probably have several; you can usually replace the gas on your own, buy the whole gas tank up front or pay a per-gallon refueling charge. You’ll have to listen to each option and decide for yourself based on your own personal situation.
Can I just replace the fuel myself?
Replacing the fuel yourself is generally the cheapest of your options, but you’ll have to find a gas station close to the rental return location. This can be challenging, because gas stations are limited around airports. The FAA doesn’t allow them too close to flight paths in case of a plane crash. Airports also tend to be in the less desirable parts of town, where getting out of your car and pumping gas can be a safety concern. If you’re going to refuel it yourself, check the area for safety and find out where the gas stations are located. Also, leave plenty of time to refuel, return the car and still make it to your flight.
Should I buy the whole gas tank up front?
When considering buying the tank up front find out the per-gallon charge. It is generally competitive with the local station prices and will save you the time and hassle of refueling your own tank. If the per-gallon cost is at a competitive rate and you’ll be using the whole tank, buying the tank up front can be a good deal. It will be much more convenient than refueling yourself, at about the same cost. You get to avoid delays and smelly gas on your clothes. However, you don’t get a refund on any unused gas, so if you won’t use much of the fuel it can be costly and might not be your best option.
What if I don’t have time to refuel the car when I told them I would?
The Rental Car Companies will usually charge a per-gallon refueling charge if you didn’t take their refueling option up front. It’s convenient, no delays looking for gas stations, no nasty gas smell on your clothes, no missed plane, but the per-gallon charge is often much higher than the local stations. A few gallons at this rate won’t kill you, but many more than that and it would probably be cheaper to prepay the whole tank. So, listen to their options and pick the best one for you.


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