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Will I have to pay an advance deposit to make a reservation?
Possibly, some Hotels do charge an up front deposit to make a reservation which you may have to forfeit if you cancel or fail to show up. This is especially true during peak seasons of Hotel occupancy. Make sure you are familiar with the Hotel’s reservation and cancellation policy before you give them your credit card numbers.
How far beyond the reservation time will the Hotel honor my reservation?
This is a great question and one you should ask Hotel in case you are delayed.
You should notify the Hotel if you are delayed so that they will still have a room available for you.
Check to see if they offer guaranteed reservations, so you’ll be sure to get a room.
What are the differences between a confirmed and a guaranteed reservation?
Most Hotels will take your credit card number at reservation and confirm that you’ll have a room reserved until a certain time. They may have a reservation cancellation charge, but many haven’t yet actually charged anything on your credit card.
Some Hotels will also offer you a guaranteed reservation. When they take down your credit card number for a guaranteed reservation, your credit card will be charged the rate for the room, so your prepaid room will be held for you even if you are late.
A guaranteed reservation will be more costly if you don’t show up, but you’ll have a much better chance at a room. Hotels have many different policies about when and if they charge your credit card and how long they will guarantee a room. It is best to ask the specific Hotel about their policy.
What do I need to know about the Hotel’s cancellation policy?
Ask about Hotel’s cancellation policy, time limit and fees. Some are quite restrictive especially during peak seasons or the holidays. Many discount consolidators will also charge a large fee for canceling the room. Make sure you can live with those policies.
Ask if the Hotel will penalize you with a charge, if you have to shorten your stay and check out earlier than planned. Ask if early notification could lessen or eliminate this penalty.


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