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Picking your Seats

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Picking your Seats


How can I pick the best seat in my class?
Check to see what type of aircraft is used on your flight. Check the seating arrangement to find the most comfortable seat for you.
Book early and make your requests.
Join the Airline’s frequent flyer program since sometimes the better seats are reserved for the Airline’s loyalty program membership.
Seats next to the wings will provide the smoothest ride.
Bulkhead seats will provide more legroom, but sometimes will lack overhead compartments and won’t have any under seat storage in front of them.
Parents with small children and babies are sometimes placed in the bulkhead seats to provide extra room to stretch those little lively legs or place a baby bassinet. If you have kids, this might be the place for you, but check with the Airline as baby seats, bassinets, diaper bags etc. usually count against your allowable carry-on bags. If you are traveling with children, they will not be allowed to sit in the emergency exit row.
If you fear being seated next to children, you might want to check out the emergency exit row. Emergency exit row seats also have more legroom and often have an overhead compartment, but the seats may not recline. Also, the Airline will ask for your help in opening the emergency exits in the unlikely case of an accident. Some Airlines will not pre-assign the exit seats so you may have to wait until you reach the counter check-in.
Be warned that seats immediately in front of the exit row do not recline. Since they have the standard legroom, let the novice traveler enjoy those seats.
If you are in a big hurry to get where you are going, request a low number seat since those will be the first off the plane.


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