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Picking your Cabin

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Picking your Cabin


How does knowing the age of a ship effect my cabin choice?
Most of the ships that have been built since 1985 have more standard size cabins, so it is a little easier to compare cabins. In the pre-1985 ships, you can find a great deal of difference in the cabin sizes. You can’t always tell by just looking at a ship’s layout so you’ll want to know the square footage of the cabins.
What else besides size is important to your cabin choice?
The location and the view, porthole or veranda of your cabin will also make up price differences in your cruise. The layout of the cabin beds can also make a difference. You may have bunk beds, two side by side or one big bed.
Why is the location of the cabin important?
You’ll want to know what is near, next to, above or below your cabin.
You may like the convenience of being next to the stairs or elevators, but those areas will also be noisy.
Cleaning closets can also be noisy.
Being directly above or below common areas of the ship, such as the kitchen, dining room, work out area, walking/jogging track or bars can also keep you from sleeping.
The lower rear cabins will suffer most from engine noise and vibrations.
Cabins at the front and rear of the ship will suffer more motion than mid-ship cabins.
Cabins at the front of the ship will sometimes get a wakeup call when the anchor is lowered.
Lower mid-ship cabins provide the smoothest ride for those suffering from seasickness. If you book these cabins with a view, it might be of a sloshing ocean so you might consider an inside cabin if you fear seasickness.
What should I know before I pay for a view?
There are things to remember when upgrading into a room with a view. If you are paying for it, you want to know what kind of a view you are getting. Not all views are equal. You probably don’t want to pay the extra just so you'll have a lovely view of the lifeboats. You also might not want to look out on the busiest walking and jogging deck and get a view of everyone walking by. Look at the ship's layout to evaluate your view and decide if it’s worth it to you to pay the extra money.
What should I know before I pay for a veranda?
You might consider the use you’ll get out of the veranda. Are you sailing in an area of the world with temperatures that would encourage use of the veranda? How big is the veranda? Could you sunbathe if you wanted to or is it covered? Is it private? This will depend on the ship's layout; many are not private with other verandas easily looking into them. The sliding glass doors will certainly make your cabin seem less confined, but you might be able to get an even bigger cabin for the same or an even lower price without the veranda. Again, it will be a personal choice whether the veranda is worth the extra money.


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