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Picking Ports & Shore Excursions

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Picking Ports & Shore Excursions


Since cruises can go to different ports, how will I know how to pick the one I’ll enjoy the most?
Check out the ports of call. Since these will also be a major part of your cruise, you want to know where you’ll be going and what you can do there. You’ll want to ask about the types of the shore excursions available. What do you enjoy: shopping, nature, sports, historical sites or exotic culture? You’ll want to pick ports of call that have activities that interest you.
How can I find tourist information on the ports that my cruise will visit?
The Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory web site. This site provides a collection of addresses, phone numbers, and web links to many foreign governments’ official tourism offices. It also contains a search feature that lists contact information and web links for official U.S. State Tourism Offices, regional, city, and convention and visitor bureau sites.
How much do the shore excursions cost?
You’ll want to know the cost of the available shore excursions. There are generally fees for ship sponsored shore excursions. They can cost range from only twenty dollars to several hundred. You’ll want to know the costs of shore excursions in advance so you can compare complete cruise packages. There can be a large range in costs for shore excursions. Shore excursions are also a safety issue, which you can read about in our Cruise Safety section.
How do I find out about the shore excursions?
Many are listed on the Cruise Line’s web page and some can be booked in advance before you reach the ship. There should also be information in your ticket packet for you to read. Once on board, most will have a lecture about the port of call with a description of the available shore excursions and have someone available to answer your questions about the packages.
What do I need to know about the shore excursions?
You’ll want to know the general game plan to see if you are interested.
You’ll also want to know how guided you’ll be, is this just transportation or a tour?
Can you take the tour and still have some freedom to wander?
How much walking or physical activity will there be on the shore excursion?
What about food, will any be included or are you fending for yourselves?
Are admission and fees included when we get there, or will there be extra charges to participate once we arrive?
Do I have to take a shore excursion to make it to port?
No, you shouldn’t. You should be able to walk or cab if you are docked at port or be able to take one of the ship’s scheduled tenders to the dock. The ship might also have a free shuttle to take you into the most popular areas. You can wander on your own if you like. Your time at port is your own.
Can I stay on board the ship while it is in port?
Yes, and some do to enjoy all the ship’s amenities while the crowds are off at the port.


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