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  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Packing


How should I pack the liquids I bring with me?
So your clothes aren’t covered in the liquids, use plastic bottles in your packing. Only fill the bottles to the ¾ mark in case they are crushed or the contents freeze and expand. You also might want to pack them in plastic freezer bags just in case.
How can I avoid damaging my film?
High-speed film is the most susceptible to damage, but all your film is at risk.
Carrying your film in your checked bags used to be a safer bet, but with stronger bomb detection devices, your film is now more likely to get fried.
Buy special carrying cases designed for protecting film.
You can ask for a manual inspection in the United States and some foreign airports to avoid the x-rays if you place your film in your carry-on bag.
The walkthrough and hand wand security devices shouldn’t effect your film.
The safest bet for film is to buy it after you arrive and develop it before you go. This may not be the cheapest route, but it is the best guarantee to keep your memories safe.
What should I do with my valuables?
Leave them at home in a safe place if you can.
If your luggage has locks, you should use them.
Shrink wrapping your luggage will not only protect the outside of your bags, but also the contents inside.
Do not carry valuables in your checked luggage, they will be safer in your carry-on bags.
If you do place any valuables in your luggage, hide them in the lower sections of the bags so a quick look inside won’t reveal them.
What is the best way to carry my medications?
Carry them in your carry-on since it will be less likely to be lost than your checked luggage. Your carry-on will also do less harm to temperature-sensitive medication.
Bring along the generic names of your medications since brand names can vary.
Carry your medication in their original bottles to help avoid security questions.
If you have any questionable drugs or particularly large supplies, you might want to bring a letter from your doctor stating you have a legal right to use these drugs.
If you are traveling outside the United States, check to see what you can take with you. Something legal here might be illegal elsewhere. It could get dumped, or you could get dumped in jail.
What should I pack in my carry-on luggage?
Since luggage can be lost, your best defense is a well-packed carry-on bag.
This is the best place for your travel documents, itinerary and coupons.
Your valuables, such as jewelry and electronics, are also safest in your carry-on.
Appropriate converter and/or adapter, if you plan on using any electrical devices abroad.
Phrase book, if you are traveling into a region with an unfamiliar language.
A list of everything in your checked baggage, in case you need to fill out a claim form.
Address and phone numbers of friends, relatives and contact phone numbers of your doctor.
A copy of your credit card numbers and contact information.
A copy of your travelers checks and contact information
You should also include a one-night stay package in your carry-on, in other words, everything you’ll need to make it one night in case your bags are delayed or lost.
A small umbrella, sweater, change of shoes, extra pair of eyeglasses, camera, film, batteries, first aid kit, moist towelettes.
Clothing pins for all those hotel curtains that won’t quite close.
You should also pack your medication, especially temperature sensitive medication, in your carry-on keeping your pills in their original bottles to help avoid security questions.
It is also best if your carry-on bags are plain. A computer logo may look cool, but it also says " Hey, look everybody I have something really expensive in here. Now watch cause if I only look away for a second, it’s steak dinners on me".
Put lots of crisp one-dollar bills in with your other cash. This will come in handy when dealing with all the skycaps, bus drivers and porters.


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