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Hotel Security & Safety

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Hotel Security & Safety


What should I know about Hotel security?
Some Hotel’s may be hesitant to give out specific details concerning their security precautions, fearing that information could be used to compromise their security. Still, if you are concerned about the Hotel’s security, doing the research and investigating the issues below will help to evaluate your choice of Hotel.
Is the Hotel located in an area with a high crime rate?
Do they have a 24-hour staff?
Do they have a security staff on site?
How many security cameras do they have on site?
Is the parking lot lighted, under camera surveillance, manned or gated?
Do the room doors have peepholes, chains, fliplocks and/or deadbolt locks?
Does the Hotel have interior or exterior corridors?
How are the Hotel’s corridors secured?
Does the Hotel have electronic keys?
Does the Hotel have a safe available for your use?
What are the limits on the safe’s use?
What are their policies if something is missing from their safe?
Can you get a written receipt for items left in the Hotel’s safe?
Why is a Hotel’s safety and security even more important to me when I travel outside the United States?
Because in addition to all the safety concerns you have in the United States, many Hotels outside the United States would not begin to pass building and safety standards applied to Hotels within the United States. With foreign Hotels, you’ll want to check to see if they have fire alarms, sprinkler systems and emergency exits. For convenience, you’ll also want to see what type of bathrooms they have available. You might have to share a common restroom. You may also find features, such as toilets, that will look a whole lot more to you like a hole in the floor than a toilet.


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