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Hotel Consolidaters

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Hotel Consolidaters


How could using a Hotel Consolidator to make reservations help me save money or find a service when everyone else is sold out?
Consolidators buy groups of tickets or rooms at discounted rates and can provide reservations at considerably lower prices.
Consolidators may be able to take reservations when other sources are sold out since the Consolidators have made advance purchase agreements.
What should I know about using a Hotel Consolidator before I make reservations with them?
Using a hotel consolidator can be a great way to save money, but as with any service, we recommend you carefully investigate the details so you can find the best reservation service for your particular circumstances.
As with any online purchase, you should evaluate the site's security to make sure your credit card numbers and other private information are secure.
You should read the site's privacy policy to see how they can use the information you turn over to them.
You should also read the site's terms of use policy to see if you are comfortable with the site's terms of use.
You'll also want to read all the fine print and disclaimers since you'll be bound by those terms. Consolidators can sign agreements with hotels that add additional restrictions on top of the general policies of the hotel. Those restrictions will vary from Consolidator to Consolidator, from hotel property to hotel property and can even vary from reservation to reservation so it is important that you read all the terms of the purchase to make sure you can live with the restrictions.
You may not be able to get a refund or change your reservation once you have purchased and, if they do allow a change, most Consolidators charge a penalty fee.
You usually must pay for your entire hotel stay at the time of reservation.
Make sure you know what items are included and what items are extra, including processing, booking and/or shipping and handling charges.
Make sure to check to see if the rates are "per room" or "per person, based on double occupancy". The second rate is twice that of the first.
You may not be able to use frequent flyer miles or other points programs and regular coupons certainly won't apply to the special prices offered through a Consolidator.
You'll want to find out how to contact the Consolidators Customer Service Department and take that contact information with you on your trip. Make sure that they have a customer support system with which you are comfortable.
Know how they will confirm your reservation. Be sure to request and record your reservation confirmation number.
Should I confirm my Consolidator reservation directly with the travel industry supplier?
Yes, whenever you make reservations through a third party it is a good idea to confirm those reservations directly with the company that will eventually provide the service. In fact, confirmation is a good idea even when you are dealing directly with the company that will supply the service. However, note that if you make your reservation through a thrid party, there may be a delay in time before the travel industry supplier can specifically identify your particular reservation. For example, many consolidators hold a group of reservations in advance and may only notify the travel supplier of your name a few days before your reservation date.


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