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What documentation will I need to travel?
You must present a government issued photo I.D., such as a driver’s license, passport or state I.D. card when you check-in. A college I.D., even a state college I.D., may not be acceptable. Without the proper I.D., most Airlines won’t allow you to board the plane, even on domestic flights. If you don’t have any of the I.D. listed above, you should call your Airline directly or checkout their web site to see if any alternative I.D. will be acceptable.
According to the Federal Aviation Administration, children do not need a government issued photo I.D. for domestic flights as long as an accompanying adult certifies their identity.
A valid ticket and the name on that ticket must match the name on the I.D. exactly.
Passengers traveling on an e-ticket will need some form of paperwork from the airline in addition to an e-ticket number to be allowed through the security checkpoint.
On international flights, you’ll need a passport. The name on that passport must match the name on your ticket exactly. Bring your certified marriage certificate if a recent marriage has changed your name and file for a new passport as soon as possible.
Check with the countries that you’ll be visiting to see what types of documentation you’ll need to enter and exit those countries.
Remember that all travel documents are ultimately the traveler’s responsibility and the Airline cannot make exceptions to governmental laws.
How can I find out if I will need a passport or visa for my trip?
Go to: Embassy Links
This page contains links to many foreign countries’ Embassies and Consulate Offices located in the United States. Each Embassy’s web site is different, but they all contain contact information and other helpful information for anyone planning on visiting their country.
The U.S. State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs’ Foreign Entry Requirements web page. This site lists the entry requirements of foreign countries. It also includes the addresses and telephone numbers of foreign embassies and consulates in the United States. This web site is a good starting point, but since the information presented is subject to change, you should also check directly with the embassy or consulate of the country you a planning to visit.
The U.S. State Department’s Foreign Consular Offices web page. This site contains an updated listing of contact information for foreign countries’ consular offices in the United States.


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