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Customer Service Issues

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Customer Service Issues


What should I do if I have a problem with the facilities or service aboard the ship?
If your problem is in the dining room, speak with the Maitre d’. If your problem is specific to your cabin, speak with your cabin steward. If you have problems with any area of the ship, speak to the ship’s purser.
Whomever you speak to, explain the problem and ask for it to be fixed.
If you can think of a satisfactory solution to the problem, suggest it to whoever is working with you.
Allow for a reasonable response time considering the nature of the problem.
Remain calm and keep it businesslike. Don’t make it a personal attack against the person who is trying to help you. The person is human and your professionalism will bring you better results than unleashing your anger.
Don’t play the "big shot" game unless you really are one. "Do you know who I am and how often I cruise with you" might be greeted by yes, once over the last five years. Computers are doing a wonderful job keeping track of customers and they may have you information right on their screen. If you try to fake them out by acting like a big shot, they might just think you are trying to get something for nothing and doubt your whole story. You are their customer and that is enough to demand good service.
If you don’t feel the person whom you are dealing with is helpful, ask to see a supervisor.
Calmly explain your situation to the supervisor and allow them to fix the problem.
If you have gone up the ship’s chain of command and are still unhappy, contact the Cruise Line’s customer service department.
What information should I have if I need to contact the Cruise Line’s customer service department?
Write soon after the incident, while the information is fresh and you are still within any time limitations.
Include as much specific information as possible when describing the problem.
The date, location and time of the incident.
Your name, reservation or confirmation number.
Your sailing date, ship’s name, and cabin number. You should include your meal seating and table number if appropriate to the issue.
Keep the originals, but include copies of any relevant paperwork.
Name, title, employee number or physical description of those you dealt with if you have them.
A description of the actions taken by those involved.
If you doubt you were treated according to proper company policies or feel those policies don’t provide for proper customer service; question the customer service department about your treatment.
Include the effect this problem will have on your past and future impressions of the Cruise Line. But, don’t baselessly threaten "in any case, I’ll never use you again", they might just write you off and leave you unsatisfied.
If you can think of a satisfactory solution to your problem, suggest it to the customer service department to give them a chance to win back your business.
Include your name, address and a telephone number where they can reach you with their response.


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