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Cruise Activities

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What is there to do on a Cruise Ship while the ship is at sea?
You’ll have many different opportunities to eat and enjoy dinner conversation.
You might want to exercise some of those meals off. Most Cruise Ships have equipped gyms and some have exercise classes scheduled.
You can try a game of chance in the casino.
Go to the ship’s theater and catch a movie.
Enjoy some live entertainment shows.
Become a dancing fool in the lounge.
Lie on the deck and catch some rays.
The ships will have a variety of other activities scheduled to keep you busy.
If there are all these things to keep me busy, then how will I know what is going on when and where?
The ship will have at least one centralized notice board with a schedule.
Most cruise ships also will have a schedule printed and placed in your cabin.
Do I have to participate in all the activities?
No, you don’t have to participate in any. They just have them in case you’re interested. It’s your cruise to enjoy as you wish.
What is a theme cruise?
It is a cruise booked around a certain theme.
It could focus on a particular interest and have certain lectures on board.
It could be a celebrity cruise that will give you a chance to rub elbows with the famous.
It could have a theme around a type of entertainment such as Country or Big Band music.
If you can think of a theme that interests people, they probably have a cruise to match it.
Would I enjoy a theme cruise?
They can be great fun if you pick the right theme for you. Check to see if a Cruise Line offers a theme cruise that matches your interest. You’ll also want to see if the cruise you are going to book has a theme or possibly a large group joining your cruise. You might not want to spend your vacation being the odd man out because you don’t like the theme or because you’re not part of the large group.


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