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Clubs & Programs

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Do Rental Companies offer any clubs with special perks?
Yes, you should inquire about the Rental Company’s membership clubs.
Some free clubs allow you to have most of your rental information on file in their computers before you show up to speed up the rental process.
Some offer Premium Clubs where you can sign up all your rental information in advance to shorten the time you’ll spend at the counter or eliminate it all together. This can include keeping your vehicle preferences on file, as well as, your decisions on insurance coverage and fuel replacement.
How much do the Premium Clubs cost to join?
Some Rental Companies Premium Club’s charge a membership fee. The fee is generally around $50.00 a year.
If you ask, some Rental Companies will waive this charge for the first year just to get you on board.
Some Premium Clubs may be available to you for free if you rent enough or belong to the right company, association or group.
What are the advantages of joining a Rental Car Company’s Premium Club, is it worth it?
If you plan on renting often, the membership fees will seem small considering the time saved.
These Premium Clubs can help you skip lines all together and are the quickest way to get on the road.
These clubs will sometime offer special rates, discounts or upgrades to their members only.
Sometimes extra fees, such as those for certain additional drivers, are waived for members of Premium Clubs.
These Clubs often reserve the newest and nicest cars in the rental fleet.
Some Clubs will reward points that can be exchanged for free rental days, upgrades or even gifts.
If it looks like the company has overbooked and will have to break reservations, they usually will take care of their Premium Club members first and break the reservations of regular customers.


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