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At The Counter

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What if I get there and they don’t have a car for me?
Make sure that it is just not your particular class that is sold out, but that they don’t have any cars at all. If they have more expensive cars available, ask to be upgraded for the same price.
If they have other locations in town, see if any of the other locations have cars available.
Have them call around to check to see if they can find you a car at one of their competitors. If the price goes up ask that the rental company pay the difference.
If no other cars are available, see if they can at least get you a ride to your next destination.
Don’t give up. See if they will have any cars available for you tomorrow.
If you did everything right and they don’t have a car for you, ask to be compensated.
This has obviously created a customer service issue, so you can also look for help in our Customer Service Issues section.
Will the Rental Company rent to me if I’m a drunken fool?
Huh, NO. If the company has any reason to believe you are under the slightest influence, they are required to refuse the rental. Now, we know you know this, but we just wanted you to remember it when you’re ordering those drinks on the plane.
How can I shorten my time waiting for a rental car?
You can grab their brochures and read about their policies, so you can quickly make your decisions concerning their optional programs when you reach the counter.
Check out the local map and find out where you’re going next.
Dig out your documentation, so you’re ready when they call your name.
Check into joining a Rental Company’s membership club to help speed you through the line or skip it all together.
What documentation do I need to pick up my car?
Bring your confirmation number with you. There are many reasons they might be unable to find the reservation under your name. Your confirmation number may be the only way to find that low rate you worked so hard to secure.
Have your driver’s license, coupons and credit cards ready.
Your frequent flyer or other bonus program numbers you want to be credited.
Some companies are also beginning to require proof of insurance if you decline their collision or damage waivers, so bring along your insurance card.
Is there a chance for an even better deal when I pick up the car?
Yes, after you find out what the company has available for you, ask about upgrade specials. Just as Rental Companies can sell out of certain models, they can also have too many of a certain kind around. This could mean big savings for you, that luxury car or specialty vehicle that was so much more to reserve could now only be a few dollars away.


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