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Airline Safety Hints

  Tips Home >> Travelling Tips >> Airline Safety Hints


How can I avoid being the victim of a crime at the airport?
Don’t let your guard down just because you are away on vacation. Stay aware of those in your party, your luggage and your surroundings.
Take a look at the airport’s web site so you’ll know where you’re going.
Help airport security do their job and fully cooperate with any requests.
Immediately report any suspicious activity to airport security.
Leave your valuables, flashy jewelry and designer luggage at home. These items will make you more attractive to criminals.
Don’t walk around with your Airline tickets hanging out of your pocket.
Walk with confidence. Strong body language will let criminals know that you are not a victim.
Only use taxis and other transportation services with official markings. Only select transportation services from the official pick-up points at the airport.
Approach any "special deals" with caution, especially if you have to go off the beaten path to get them.
Never accept gifts or packages from unknown parties.
Don’t go near abandoned bags, and immediately report them to security.
Never leave your luggage unattended and always keep an eye on them, just lying by your feet will not be enough to keep them safe. Carry-on bags are often stolen from under tables right in front of their owners. If you must set your luggage on the ground, consider hooking your leg through the carrying strap.
If your luggage has locks, be sure to use them. Keep the keys handy in case your luggage needs to be inspected.
Mark your luggage so it can easily be identified as yours. Use something that makes your bags unique, but avoid items that could be caught on a conveyor belt. Colorful tape works nicely.
Don’t delay picking up your luggage when you arrive or you may find it has already disappeared when you get there.
How can I avoid being the victim of a pickpocket?
Don’t travel in narrow alleys or poorly lit streets.
When possible, avoid having crowds of people surrounding you.
Carry a dummy wallet and put your money in your front pocket.
Place a rubber band around your wallet, it will make it much more difficult to remove from your pocket without your knowledge.
Carry your purse under your arm.
Carry your money under your clothes.
Know the pickpocket's tricks
What are some of the pickpocket’s tricks?
There are lots of situations that pickpockets use to create opportunities to relieve you of all that heavy cash. Be especially aware of your money when you find yourself in the following situations.
Getting bumped by someone else.
Having something spilled on you or someone pointing out a spot on your clothing.
Someone approaching you and asking for help or directions.
Someone causing a disturbance that draws everyone’s attention.
Being surrounded by a crowd, especially if you are surrounded by groups of children.
What do I need to know before I use the airport’s public phones or ATMs?
Take care when using public phones and ATMs.
Make sure to completely cover the numbers you enter on both these items since criminals can use the numbers to defraud you. They might not be over your shoulder, but across the street in the parking garage with binoculars. Public phones are targeted at airports because so many valuable calling card numbers are used.
The airport’s ATM will probably be more secure than the local gas station or outside a closed bank branch because of all the airport security around, but if an ATM is isolated or not well lit, you might want to find another one.
Be wary of anyone hanging around the ATM.
Don’t take the time to count your cash there, the exposure might encourage someone to follow you outside or into the restroom.
Take your receipt, it also has numbers that can help a criminal, especially if they just watched you enter your pin number.
How can I find out if the airport terminal has an ATM?
Use these ATM locators.
Visa’s ATM locator web page. This site provides a searchable database that locates ATM’s belonging to the Visa, Visa Electron and Plus ATM network worldwide.
MasterCard’s ATM locator web page. This site provides a searchable database that locates
ATM’s belonging to the MasterCard and Cirrus ATM network worldwide.
What are some of the airport scams I need to know about?
You want to make it through the security checkpoint quickly and avoid delays. One scam involves delaying you at the start of security while your valuables move on down the conveyer belt. The person in front of you might set off the alarm and delay you while they take time getting cleared. This delay gives their partner in crime enough time to steal your items, so keep an eye on your property as it moves through security. Wait until the line is clear in front of you before you release your bags onto the conveyor belt and watch that it does go though and stays there if you are delayed at the checkpoint.
That person that so desperately seems to need your help for directions may just be trying to distract you while someone else helps themselves to your valuables. You still may want to be helpful, but remember to stay aware of your surroundings.
If someone bumps into you, check to make sure they didn’t remove anything. They might have cut your purse strings, taken your wallet or Airline tickets.
Watch your bags closely in the restroom. They may not even be safe in the stalls. If you place them on the floor next to the door or on the coat hook, a thief might reach under or over the door, grab them and run. You will not be in the best position to give them an immediate chase and probably won’t even see their face. If your bags aren’t uniquely marked, they will be able to blend into the crowd and be gone by the time you make it out. Some airports provide a shelf in the stall, if it is there be sure to use it. If you have a choice, pick the stall next to the wall and place luggage between you and the wall.
As always, if someone approaches you with a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Approach any such deals with a great deal of caution.
What do I do if I am a victim of a crime at the airport?
If you are a victim of a crime in an airport, note the time and the location and notify security immediately. Noting the time and location may help investigate the crime since many airports have extensive security camera coverage.


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