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Photography Tips

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»Testing a New Camera or a New Film
When testing a new camera or new film, keep a notepad handy to record basic information regarding exposures, apertures, time of day and any other information that will help you remember what you did. Have a proof sheet made along with the prints with your first roll. This way you can review your notes easier and see exposure differences quicker.

» Adding drama to your Image
By incorporating a silhouette in the foreground you can add dimension and drama to your images. Sunsets appear more intense and it gives the viewer a point of reference.

» Look for Patterns
Use patterns of everyday objects to create images of abstract art. When ever you are getting ready to photograph look in the places no one else thought of i.e.; above your head, below, left and right. Sometimes very interesting scenes are right there for you to capture.

» Use the Night
Night scenes can be very exciting. By using long exposures, car headlights and tail lights create a parade of lights in motion. Use a tripod or a stationary surface to set your camera on. Set your aperture at f 8 or f11 and open the lens for 30 to 60 seconds. Experiment with times and f stops to create multiple images.

» The perfect Exposure
If you're taking pictures outside and do not have or forgot your light meter, use the f16 rule to create images with the perfect exposure.
Take the ASA of the film and use that number as your shutter speed.
For example for ASA 200 use 1/250 sec or ASA 400 use 1/400 sec Then set your f stop at f16 on a bright sunny day. Adjust your f stop according to the amount of light i.e. cloudy bright/f11, overcast/f8, heavy overcast/f 5.6
Using this simple guide will help you capture that perfect exposure every time.

» Favorite Accessory
My most valuable piece of equipment is probably the least expensive. It is a bag of rice (bean bag). It is an ideal substitute for those times you don’t feel like carrying a tripod. Its size and weight allows me to take it everywhere.
Most valuable piece of equipment is probably the least expensive. It is a bag of rice (bean bag). It is an ideal substitute for those times you don’t feel like carrying a tripod. Its size and weight allows you to take it everywhere. It conforms to most surfaces and provides protection to the bottom of your camera. You have used it on cars, rocks, handrails, signs, mailboxes, and whatever you can find to suit the situation. It can also be used against vertical columns (such as doorways, sides of buildings, trees, etc.) to stabilize the camera when there is nothing around to set it on.
1.) Take too pieces of fabric (make it 1/4" larger on all sides than you need it)... Mine is about 4"x6".

2.) Place the two pieces on top of each other so the inside of the bag is facing out.
3.) Use the sewing machine to stitch around the sides (about a 1/4" in from side) but leave a small opening in the middle of one of the sides.
4.) Turn the bag inside out through the opening.
5.) Add the rice (a small funnel will help).
6.) Sew the opening closed.
I think it took about 30 minutes with almost no sewing experience.

» Dry Mounting
Dry mounting is a process in which a piece of artwork or photograph is pressed and bonded to a foam board by heating an adhesive layer between the artwork and the board.
I highly recommend that you get your prints dry mounted. It will protect them from wrinkling if any humidity is in the air.
I had a few large prints dry mounted at a nationwide craft store. They damaged one in the process, but are very good with giving you options to fix or replace the artwork at their cost. You decide what is best for you. Now I go to a local art and framing shop. It doesn't take as long for him to finish and he charges less.

» Psuedo Mattes
An inexpensive way to get an expensive look is to get the image printed with a border. This will save the extra cost of purchasing a mat. Special order borders can be done in any color. My favorite is simply black with a white trim.


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