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Satya 2 Complete Music Review

    Reviews Home >> Music Reviews >> Satya 2 Music Review

Movie Name :  
Satya 2
Movie Cast :  
Puneet, Mahesh Thakur
Movie Director :  
Ram Gopal Varma
Music Director :  
Sanjeev Rathod & Darshan Rathod
Rating :  
2 / 5

satya 2 music review

The music for the movie of Satya 2 is directed by Shree D, Sanjeev Rathod, Nitin Raikwar, Kary Arora and Darshan Rathod. As you know that, it is the sequel of the old movie Satya that was released in 1998 and directed by Ram Gopal Varma. Though the movie has not much secret, but it must say that it earns a great fame and it might possible it is due to the name of its director. In the production of this movie Arun Kumaar Sharma and Sumanth Kumar Reddy are famous whereas the story is provided by Radhika Anand. In the list of its lyricist Kumaar, Sonny Ravan, Kary Arora, Moid Elhaam, Nitin Raikwar and Shree D are famous. The entire album is presented in vocals of Sanjeev Rathod, Rishi Singh, Mohd Irfan, Shweta Pandit, Darshan Rathod, payel Aditiya Dev, Tisha Jain and few others are included in the category of singers.

Satya 2 music album has about nine tracks and that is amazing because rare movies have capacity to bear the strength of too many tracks. The first and foremost track of this album is Tu Nahi in voice of Leonard Victor and Shweta Pandit. The chemistry of both singers good for singing a romantic and lovely song that expresses the hearty feelings in a very simple way. It is also seen that most of its tracks are based on simple notes having smooth touch true feelings of characters and well suited on to the situations. You can say that it is the quality of this album that is not usually seen in all movies. Mangne Se is another same type of track that is narrative base to share inner thoughts in beautiful combination of Kumaar and Sunjeev Darshan Rathod.

Other these slow tracks, now itís time to rock by having an item number that is performed on Aradha Gupta and Payel Aditya has performed behind the scenes. It is a touchy track that distracts the attention of viewers from sticky scenes of film and worked well to entertain them. After that, Nitin Raikwar comes with a musical and instrumental song that is Palkon Se and it is a romantic number. Nitin Raikwar also comes again to perform at the back of the stage for the track of Sathi Re and Piano is playing for this song as the background music.

This album has a variety of music and here time is to add a song Taaqat for gangsters that beautifully sung by Sanjeev Darshan Rathod. It has a good and peppy music that is good to listen and work as to sustain the level of energy. Now letís talk about Veerani that is all time slow motion song which well sung by Payel Aditya nd Muhammad Irfan. The whole album of Satya 2 has capacity to entertain the listeners with itís a variety of tracks.

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