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Rajdhani Express Complete Music Review

    Reviews Home >> Music Reviews >> Rajdhani Express Music Review

Movie Name :  
Rajdhani Express
Movie Cast :  
Leander Paes, Jimmy Sheirgill, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Sudhanshu Pandey, Puja Bose, Sayali Bhagat, Gulshan Grover, Mukesh Rishi, Ishrat Ali, Kiran Kumar, Achint Kaur, Shilpa Shukla
Movie Director :  
Ashok Kohli
Music Director :  
Lahu Madhav, Ritesh Nalini
Rating :  
3 / 5

Rajdhani Express music reviewRajdhani Express was released like a debut film for expert Tennis player Leander Paes. People are not conscious that it's also a socio political drama with great deal of action. Films like these entirely be based upon script and surprise actions. Songs does be involved, yet it's mostly interwoven with all the script. New director Ashish Kohli has produced certain that during this genre you can get music. Therefore it is a full album with 5 unique songs. Though Ritesh Nalini is the music musician, Lahu-Madhav from Marathi Cinema also pitches in.

Lahu-Madhav opens the album with Koi Umeed Hai (Western) that is delivered by Hitesh Prasad. Because the name suggests, it is a westernized version however does not have anything brand new for your young generation. There's one more Indian sort of the same music delivered by Shahid Mallya. Surprise part of the song is a name from the lyricist Mirza Ghalib. Both songs are a little uncommon but leave little impression around the mind with the listeners.

Following in line is Main Hoon Pathit that really begins in 80s style after which chorus gets control. It is a prayer and would advise a audience of Hrishikesh Mukherjee films where hopes was once a typic. Nevertheless, those don't work any more in the present time, specifically if the songs also is defined inside the 80s mode. Last one that worked has been from 'Lagaan' which also is miles aside from this.

Udit Narayan makes its way into the album with Karte Hain Dil Se. Much like other tracks within the album, that one too has run out of sync from present day time. It is a romantic track but doesn't have any charm inside it. Despite Udit's presence, the listener manages to lose interest right now and moves onto see if there's anything useful to hear the album.

Suresh Wadkar attempts to really make it a little bit useful with Tera Zikr. Sadly Nilesh's music continues to be stuck in the same time frame warp as well as the lyrics by Brb give exactly the same feeling. There's another female version of the identical song by Madhusmita in her own soft voice. Although the song sounds better in her own voice, it's still unable to hold listener's attention for lengthy because of cliched composition and lyrics.

Shaan bakes an entry within the album through Armaan Jagati Hai. This is an average track and makes a person question why a voice like Shaan would get wasted on this type of track. Rameez has composed the song that is very arcane. Music and also the lyrics get you in late 80s and early 90's when such tunes were once popular.

Over-all nothing is much with the audience inside the songs. Additionally one amazing things if the musician is caught in old times and has not moved on. Perhaps the director and producers had been maybe struggle to evaluate the same. However audience will surely view the same and the film would feel the heating because of that very factor.

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