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Tara The Journey of Love & Passion Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Tara The Journey of Love & Passion Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Tara The Journey of Love & Passion
Movie Cast :  
Rekha Rana, Rohan Shroff, Sapna P Chuobisha, Brijesh K. Kori, Ujwala Shikhare, S. C. Makhija, Rohit Raj, Archana Tendulkar, Ashish Salim
Movie Director :  
Kumar Raj
Music Director :  
Prakash Prabhakar
Rating :  
2 / 5

Boyss Toh Boyss Hain movie review

This story is different from other love and romantic stories. Although it is about having love and true feelings behind their love story, but has different patterns in their life and the way of survival is also different. Its director and producer is the same man named Kumar Raj. He made this movie on a girl whose name is Rekha Rana played role of Tara and the whole film is revolves around her life. She loves her husband and also very touchy about her profession that love to perform on a large project.

Rohan Sharoff, Sapna P. Choubisha, Rekha Rana, Rohit Raj, Brijesh K. Kori are mentioned in the list of its starring. They all worked well to take it at the place of success on to the Box Office, but you forced to say that excluding Rekha Rana, others do not fully involve in playing their roles. Tara is a role of a strong and loving woman who takes care and loves her husband Baldev (Rohan Sharoff). She lives with her husband in Tanda that is a small village and spends their lives happily with exchanging their loves towards each other and nothing can detach them. She performed daily to entertain people and earn money to fulfill their needs. Time passed, one day she get offer to perform in a large budget play and she agreed because this was her dream to perform like this. She does not know what will be the aftereffects of this play and at the same time, police rated on to the event and arrested many people. Baldev is also become victim for all these happenings.

Now the condition become worse for her after arrested her husband. She does many things to get her husband out from all this condition, but all in vain. She does not lose her heart and tried over and over again even she sells all her jewelry to get money and live her life. Moreover, she missed her husband and wants to get him back in her life. This story gives you a message of hard, but true feelings and suffering from life that sometimes a single event can change their life that you never thought about. In that situation patience and struggle is very necessary to live life otherwise life will eat you.

The music album of Tara will not be able to leave good impact on its listeners because of its unnecessary lyrics that do not match the scenes and makes them messy. But, we must say that Parakash Parabhakar worked well to give his best performance in making music. Well ignoring the music creativity, you must watch Tara to learn lessons of life and to learn ways to survive in critical condition.

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