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Ship Of Theseus Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Ship Of Theseus Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Ship Of Theseus
Movie Cast :  
Aida Elkashef, Sohum Shah, Neeraj Kabi, Vinay Shukla, Faraaz Khan, Amba Sanyal
Movie Director :  
Anand Gandhi
Music Director :  
Gabor Erdelyi, Tamas Szekely
Rating :  
3 / 5

Ship of Theseus movie review

For the first time a different and interesting story has come out in cinema to watch that should be watched by every person due to its some special facts. Ship of Theseus will give you vision, sense of thought, along with entertainment that is based on three stories about three different characters. This project is written and made by Anand Ghandi that was produced by an actor Soham Shah with Mukesh Shah. Its title is much inspiring that takes attention of viewers towards it and compels them to go cinema to reveal the suspense of this movie. The three stories are made on three stars includes names Soham Shah, Aida El Kashef and Neeraj Kabi. They all worked fantastically to give their best performances for this film.

Letís have a review about all three characterís stories. The first part of Ship of Theseus is made on Aida El Kashef who is playing role as Aliya. She is a too good photographer and captures scenes with her esthetic sense without having vision and that was her specialty that she considered that this is her God gifted talent. She used her talent in her life and makes her profession by which people impressed and she earns fame and money that changes her destiny. This becomes her passion and at a point she becomes proud and thinks that she can be better in her profession after transplanting cornea, but it was wrong.

The next story is about Maitreya that is played by Neeraj Kabi who works on animals and assesses them in their aspects. He fights against their rights and restricts scientist to test on these animals because they also have rights to live their life without facing troubles. He claims that although they have nothing to say, but we should protect them against scientist to hurt them for doing their tests. The last, but not the least is the part of Navinís life come into the film and this role is played by Soham Shah who produces this movie. He is different from other people and worked as a stock broker. He has a mind to make money with short ways. In this film you will see that all these people have different stories along with their different patterns of thinking, expressing and share ideas with people. Ship of Theseus is a movie that will force peopleís mind to think and to take steps according to their thinking patterns. This will be different one in the movies of Bollywood and earn fame for its dialogues, uniqueness thoughts and styles to live life so must watch this movie to learn.


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