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Prague Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Prague Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Movie Cast :  
Chandan Roy Sanyal, Gulshan Devaiya, Kalki Koechlin, Elena Kazan, Arfi Lamba, Mayank Kumar, Sonia Bindra
Movie Director :  
Rohit Khaitan
Music Director :  
Atif Afzal
Rating :  
2 / 5

prague movie review

Prague movie was directed by Ashish Shukla that was produced by Sunil Pathary and Rohit Khaitan. The movie has some different themes that cover a psychological gambling of a man name Chandan (Chandan Roy Sanyal). He is playing the leading role in this movie and works architecture, but has a confusing state of mind. In other words, it can also be good to say that he has no idea and real thought about his work and life even he has no clear vision about the way he lives his life that can be threatening for him. In this way he meets with a gorgeous girl with the name of Elana Kazan who is playing the character of Elana. They worked marvelous to express their feelings about the character, but the bad luck is that it cannot earn much fame and the hope of Ashsish Shukla faced disappointment. To have all these facts the story of the movie is nice and different from the same romantic based stories so the concept of story written by Sumit Sexena with the help of Ashish Shukla.

In Prague, Chandan worked with other stars including names Sonia Bindra, Elana Kazan, Arfiu Lamba and Mayak Kumar. Though the movie has a music album that was directred by Atif Afzal and Tony Kakkar, but not much stress was given to the music. The character of Chandan ranked higher in this movie because entire story revolves around him. Sometimes, he behaves very strangely and prefers to roam in the streets of European countries and also claimed to make a beautiful and attractive building in place of others. There he meets with Kazan and spend much time with her even he likes her company and shares his thought with her due to trustworthy relation. Ambiguity and curiosity will see in this movie that keeps your attention towards it, that is the positive point of the film.

At first she has no idea why he is doing like that, but knows that he is suffering from a serious mental illness that is Schizophrenia. It was the reason behind his erratic behavior and captures his thoughts and mind and compel him to think in a strange way. He cannot make healthy and strong relations with others due to his chronic disease, but his girlfriend tries him to make him a healthy guy and wants to see him a peaceful man. She struggles hard and treats him with love and affection also consults with doctors and the time comes when she sees something positively changed in his behavior and that become possible only due to her love. It is a good movie that gives you another way to treat a disease with your love and affection so change your mind by viewing the story of Prague.

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