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Nasha Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Nasha Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Movie Cast :  
Poonam Pandey, Shivam, Ranbir Chakma
Movie Director :  
Amit Saxena
Music Director :  
Siddharth Haldipur, Sangeet Haldipur
Rating :  
2 / 5

Nasha movie review

The sexiest movie Nasha has directed by Amit Saxena that was produced by Aditya Bhattia and Surendar Suneja. Yes it is true that there is no need to promote and to introduce this movie after the release of its promo. This is bold and powerful movie to engage youngsters in romance because it is thought provoking and its category is pornography. The leading role for this project is played by Poonam Pandey who has courage to show her body without clothes that will encourage people to watch. With stunning and sexy Poonam Pandey the opposite name is Shivam Patil who is playing her studentís role.

Same as the story, its album is also very inspirational to listeners and viewers too due to the impressive lyrics and romantic scenes that have spirit to touch the minds and hearts of audience. The music album was directed by Sidharth Haldipur and Sangeet Haldipur. Well this will be the full-time entertaining doze for audience and they will enjoy this movie. The title of this movie Nasha also supports its content and story that a boy falls in love with a girl just like he feels addict to her and never think to live without her. Shivam Patil is playing Sahil role as a student in the school of Panchgani. He is doing his study with full concentration and have nothing to do else.

Nasha movie review

Twist comes here, when school administration appoints a teacher in the school for the cultural studies. Poonam Pandey then entered in his school as a teacher, but has a stunning looks that is enough to interact and divert the attention of students and others. Many people victims of her beauty and Sahil become one of those who like her and want to spend time with the sexiest teacher. No doubt Poonam breaks many peopleís hearts and he was one of those. He does not know about his feelings that when he develops love feelings for her and fell in love seriously without thinking that she is a teacher. There his love story starts and she also acts in front of him and wants to impress him with her gorgeous look. The director Amit Sexena has dared to launch Nasha after the success of prior bold movies like Jism and Murder. Well it is estimated that this will earn much for Amit because of its super cool story and the censored scenes. Both Poonam and Sahil worked well together and struggled hard for Amit so it will give good result. To give review about this movie you have to watch first and can get better idea about the success of this movie.

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