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My Husband's Wife Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> My Husband's Wife Movie Review

Movie Name :  
My Husband's Wife
Movie Cast :  
Rati Agnihotri, Shakti Kapoor, Aroon Bakshi, Prem Chopra, Rakhi Vohra, Pavan Sharma, Alisa Khan
Movie Director :  
Vinod Chhabra
Music Director :  
Rating :  
2 / 5

My Husbands Wife movie review

After a time, Vinod Chabbra takes step to make an Indian culture based movie by hiring Rankhi Vohra, Prem Chopra, Alisa Khan, Rati Agnihotri, Pavan Sharma, Arun Bakshi and Shakti Kapoor. The name of the movie is quite different that My Husbandís wife. The entire cast put efforts with Vinood to give their ever best performances to display the picture for their culture. It is a very simple, but romantic love story of a man and a wife. Vinod Chabbra is a one man who produces and directs this movie whereas Dinesh Arjuna directs its music by taking help of Alka Yagnik, Vinod Rathod, Harsh Deep, Kumaar Sanu, Madhu Shree and Babul Suprio. The words for the album were written by Nayyer Johunpurri and Vinod Chabbra whereas Jojo Khan teaches the dance. The emotional and touching dialogues were written by S.Sachindra.

My Husbandís Wife is a movie about a Sikh family that has been settled in foreign country many years ago and earns fame and money too that is enough to live a luxurious life. The story starts from a man kartar Singh whose role is played by Prem Chopra. At first he struggles to achieve his target, and then his son takes his responsibilities and run his business in a good way. Although he takes start his work with a taxi, but with the passage of time he became one of the richest man. He married his son with a Punjabi girl Rati Agnihotri who plays the role of heroís mother. The name of her son is Pawan who has an impressive personality and attracts the foreign culture. This time Kartar the grandfather of Pawan cannot remain control on Pawan and he becomes a bad boy and engages in extra activities that are unbearable for kartar. Thatís why he decides Pawan will get marry with a Punjabi girl just like his father, but he refused. At the end, he got married with Rakhi Vohra by the choice of his grandfather.

Now the story of My Husbandís Wife turns towards another point that he does not love with his wife who is decent and has knowledge about her Indian Culture. The purpose of Kartar behind his grandsonís marriage is that the girl will teach him the rules and culture of their society, but she fails to do that. He has a girlfriend and meets with her that is Alisa Khan. The whole family tries to turn him back towards his real life and for this they have to use touchy dialogues to distract his attention. Overall it is a good and emotional movie that you can say that a family picture in which a woman tries to get back her husband in her life.

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