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Main Hoon Surya Singham II Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Main Hoon Surya Singham II Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Main Hoon Surya Singham II
Movie Cast :  
Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani, Vivek, Santhanam
Movie Director :  
Music Director :  
Devi Sri Prasad
Rating :  
2 / 5

Main Hoon Surya Singham II movie review

Main Hoon Surya Siingham II is the next part of the previous movie Singham that is directed by Hari and produced by S. Lakshaman Kumar. The starring of this movie includes the names of Anushka Shetty, Suriya, Vivek, Hansika Motwani, Naseer, Mukesh Rishi and N. Santhaman. The music for this album is directed by Devi Siri Parsad by hiring different singers. Well its publicity cannot impress the audience due to the category of the music. This is the next part of Singham and start from a dashing and powerful look of Suriya who is performing a police role. He is very strong and has power to fight against evil forces and wants to finish the bad acts form the society. You can say that he is a man of power who is able to interact with others and always stand first for innocent people.

Main Hoon Surya Singham II is a movie of action, thrill and mission against gangsters. He fights against two evil forces those are involved in smuggling drugs and interconnected with foreigners. Their business is expanding all around the world. Here, Suriya displays his personality as a man of Power and a man of Force and ready to face any trouble in his life. For romance and love story seekers it will disappoint them because there is no love story and romance excluding a girl who falls in love with him and want to marry, but he has no feelings for her due to his higher responsibilities. Hari worked well and put his all efforts to complete with the previously made Singham of Ajay Devgan and that was super hit movie. On the other side, it cannot earn too much fame because of its weak points.

The movie has two heroines at the same time and both involve in Suriya, but the interesting thing is that he is not interested in any of two. Though the heroines Hansika and Anushika are gorgeous and stunning, but their performance in this movie shows that they are not mature in performing role. This one makes their presence meaningless due to their unimportant scenes. Suriya’s has only one aim and passionate about his work and shows his loyalty with his job than other tasks. The movie is entertaining and good in passing your leisure time, but at some points it disappoints viewers like the irrelevant parts of this movie make it bore, but this can overcome with its songs. Well its music album is not based on romantic tracks because the tracks describe the situations and the condition of the scenes and no doubt well suited on these.

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