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Luv Ka The End Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Luv Ka The End Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Luv Ka The End
Movie Cast :  
Shraddha Kapoor, Taaha Shah, Shenaz Treasurywala, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Pushtiie Shakti, Errol Marks, Meherzan Mazda, Rahul Pardasany, Sreejita Dey
Movie Director :  
Music Director :  
Ram Sampat
Rating :  
4 / 5

Luv Ka The EndAs a final point! Following a few quite acquire (and lame) efforts at the genre, Y Films offers dished out a genuine chick flick (along with balls)! I Hate Luv Storys has been much more chocolate floss love long gone incorrect, Aisha had been such as an extended commercial regarding luxurious brands and also Turning 30!!! just did not click. Along with Luv Ka The End, all the boyfriends that have already been dragged together to the theatres could possibly enjoy observing their girlfriends take a ball over ogling at the divas on screen.

Y Films attempted to create movies 'of the youth, from the youth, for the youth' and contains undoubtedly provided on those counts. The premier manufacture of YRF's brand new youth banner is really what it states to be, a nice revenge movie. Although trailers might suggest a mini hangover through American high school flicks where there had been discusses commonalities along with John Tucker Must Die, there is certainly none of this records in locker, cheerleading squad or perhaps boys' locker room speak in Luv.

However the blonde girl gang, geeky partner as well as rocking climax celebration could possibly be ticked from the list. Rhea is a superior girl nearby who's deeply in love with Luv, the college true stud having a sleek Jaguar as well as abs that are incredible. She's ready to drop her gehna on the eve regarding her 18th birthday until a twist of destiny unveils that her playboy Luv is simply seeking to grab factors as well as bag the 'Billionaire Boys Club' overhead by submitting saucy home movies on the net. All of those other movie is all about how Rhea along with her girl gang storyline a collection of occasions to lessen Luv Nanda to Luv nanga, with stimulant laxatives, itching powder, super glue, a baseball bat and also ghagra choli as are just some of their props.

There's infrequently a uninteresting instant in the whole film which usually ranges away more than less than 24 hours and also occupies lower than two hours of looking at time. Although the revenge techniques and gags can be accomplishment innovative, debutant director Bumpy makes certain the traction never slackens. Therefore it is discouraging that this climax of acts being a get together pooper of sorts. Bumpy seems to develop the movie to this type of extent that audiences anticipate something genuinely kick ass to happen! While Luv unveils Rhea's bracelet, the audience considers, "Oh no! He knows! What now?" Sadly, the pen greatest scene is fairly bland and also the track ends instead incredibly.

On the other hand, Rhea's last discussion prior to she kicks Luv in which it affects the most is likely to raise several cheers and also hoots from the female audiences. Although movie features a host of characters (most of them quite repetitive, such as Psycho Daadi as well as Minty) the whole film virtually sets on the tiny shoulders of Shraddha Kapoor. Seeing that Rhea Dialdas, she is the sweet simple girl switched vengeful girlfriend whom wrecks havoc in Luv's existence right after he shatters her heart. Shraddha really does well both in these aspects, and it is specifically captivating in the scene exactly where she stops working after learning the truth regarding Luv. Debutant Taaha Shah is actually aptly cast as the actual studly Luv Nanda. The chiselled body frame, apparently phony highlight and also Ashton Kutcherisque puppy dog seem work in his support.

Between the assisting cast, Pushtiie Shakti sticks out as Jugs, Rhea's overweight, bindaas and intensely defensive best friend. She even offers some of the greatest lines and also the wittiest lingo in the movie. (She enquiries the college bimbo 'slutty savitri' and also Luv 'sethan bhagat'). Ali Zafar has a wonderful cameo right at the end along with rocks the screen together with his performance as performing experience Freddy Kapoor. Foot tapping and also catchy, the music of the movie seems better yet any time put into framework. The title track, supported by curiously beneficial visuals of Rhea and also her gals awesome Luv's prized Jaguar along with baseball bats in addition to hockey sticks, remains to be playing on a never-ending loop in this reviewer's head. Shraddha Kapoor seems like a million dollars in Tonight, a situational, wonderful track having a jazz feel to it. Freak Out is actually using a fantastic stop activity video, however it removes the attention from the primary credits although Ali Zafar's peppy rockstar number F.U.N.

Fun Fanaa is a brilliant way to end the movie. The choice regarding young audiences, particularly those of the fairer sex is relatively simple. Zingy, high energy and also stuffed with full on girl energy, Luv Ka The End is a 'Luv'ly begin to the weekend.

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