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Lakeer Ka Fakeer Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Lakeer Ka Fakeer Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Lakeer Ka Fakeer
Movie Cast :  
Ajaz Khan, Javed Rizvi, Vicky Ahuja
Movie Director :  
Zubair Khan & Salim Shekh
Music Director :  
Rating :  
2 / 5

Lakeer Ka Fakeer movie review

Zubair Khan is the person who produced and directs this movie “Lakeer Ka Fakeer”. Its name describes its story that a person who believe to follow the given instructions of others and does not prefer to think by himself. The leading role of this movie is played by Ajaz Khan who performed the roel of Fakeer. Ahuja and Javaid Haider are also included in the list of its starring. All the characters of this story have done a great job as they all are newcomers of the Hindi Cinema Industry. The story is all about three friends and their lives. One of them is Fakeer and this role is played by Ajaz Khan who is a small gangster and lives in a strange area of Number 3. He always shows his power by doing fight with other weak people of his area and become popular day by day.

The two members of his group are Chotu Mobile (Javaid Haider) and Suleman Keeda (Vicky Ahuja). They mostly spend time together and enjoy their lives. A twist comes in Lakeer ka Fakeer when a corrupted gangster blackmails him, then he decides to follow his commands because he wants to save him and his other friends from the force of police department. This decision changes their lives and in this way, they face many troubles and bad events. The film is made in a strange area of Nagpada and Dongri to give it looks and feel. The whole story revolves around his decision that either he takes good decision for them or they choose a wrong path.

Lakeer Ka Fakeer movie review

The dialogue delivery of this movie is quite different from other comic and romantic movies, but a touch of romance will be seen in few shots of this movie that will make it innovative. Moreover, you will find its story different and interesting than routine based stories of love and romance, but at few shots will detach the attention of audience due to its lower story. It seems that it will not fulfill the demands of its makers and will disappoint viewers. The first half will attract audience, but the extended story at one point get them bored. Another week point of this movie is that it cannot earn promotion from its music album that was directed by Dilshad. If you are movie lovers, then it is a good doze for you to get entertainment when you have nothing to do so watch it to give your comments about the story of Lakeer Ka Fakeer.


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