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Ishk Actually Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Ishk Actually Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Ishk Actually
Movie Cast :  
Rajeev Khandelwal, Raayo S Bakhirta, Neha Ahuja, Ann Mitchai, Siddharth Van
Movie Director :  
Anish Khanna
Music Director :  
Chirantan Bhatt, Shahdaab Bhartiya
Rating :  
2.5 / 5

ishk actually movie review

Ishq Actually is the movie of Anish Khanna that was produced by Sunny Sharma on the story of Arindham Mukherji. It is the story of love and affection, but based on true feelings without mixing tricks and failures. The story of the movie is totally about the conflict of a girl who is confused to have two choices in life. The first one is clear to him that was chosen by her family, but the second one is not clear that is in her mind and heart. She confessed to have the double feelings for both guys even she cannot understand what she wants to do. The screenplay of this movie is much prettier that catches the attention of an audience whereas you can say that the first view of this movie will make you confuse also just like the heroine of this movie.

Ishq Actually has a list of stars like Rajeev Khandelwal who is playing Neil role, Neha Ahuja as Gia, Raayo S Bkhirta as Kabir Mittal and Neha Gehlot as Sarah. The team of this movie collaboratively works with Anish Khanna to give their best shorts. The music of this film promotes it among an audience that is made by Shahdaab Bhartiya, Eddie Avil, Adam Avil, Chiranttan Bhatt and Dipanjan Guha. The lyrics for this album were written by Niket Pandey, Kunwar Juneja, Sunjay Mishra and Manoj Yadev that was sung by Sanam Puri, Ann Mitchal, Arijit Singh, Megha and Tinku Gill. Gia is going to marry her superb cousin named Kabir who is the best businessman and famous too. The time of her marriage is near when she meets with a boy Neil and she knows him because once they met and spent some time together, but not fall in love.

Gia seems not happy for her marriage even she is willing to choose Kabir, but she does not know what is happening with her. On the other side Neil meets her again to setting up the arrangements of her marriage and hired by her fiancé Kabir. Neil is very popular to arrange marriage parties and he remains there until her marriage. Gia is trying to cover her raising feeling for Neil, but she cannot do so and the results come isn a different way. At some extent the movie cannot earn much fame due to its illogical relation of parts relevant to Gia’s past and present that are enough to confuse viewers and sometimes irritate them. Though the stars worked hard to make this movie, but it is also true that Rajeev Khandelwal lets down the hopes of directors and the audience too because of his dull performance. Well he is a good actor as he gave his best movies like Aamir and Sheitan. Let’s hope for the best for its best results and promotion.

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