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I Don't Luv U Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> I Don't Luv U Movie Review

Movie Name :  
I Don't Luv U
Movie Cast :  
Ruslaan Mumtaz, Chetna Pande, Murli Sharma, Ragesh Asthana
Movie Director :  
Amit Kasaria
Music Director :  
Aman-Benson, Amit Kasaria
Rating :  
2 / 5

I Dont Luv U movie review

“I Don’t Luv U” is a romantic story of a couple who falls in love at the time of their college life whereas they already decided not to trap themselves in love, but it happens and a twist arise when their relation breaks up due to the foolish act of Ruslaan who plays a role of Yuvaan. Amit Kasaria is the director of this movie that is produced by Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma. Starring of this movie includes the gorgeous Chitna Pande, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Ravi Khemu, Murli Sharma and Ragesh Asthana. The romance of this stunning couple will catch the eyes of viewers and will entertain them along with its nice music album that was directed by Amit Kasaria and Aman benson in voice of lovely singers like Shaan, Munali Thakur, Neuman Pinto, Mika Singh and many others.

“I Don’t Luv U” becomes a statement of Yuvaan and he wants to keep away himself from the touchy feelings of love because a few years ago his girlfriend breaks his heart, but this is not the end of the story. Well story starts from his college life when he enjoys a lot with his naughty cool friends and mostly spends time in starring girls. They have fun and masti in life, and then he meets with Chetna Pande who is Aayra in movie. Soon they become good friends and prefer to spend time together. As Ruslaan does not want to develop a sense of love that’s why he clears his feeling with Aayra that they are just good friends and there is no space to love because it destroys the whole feelings of a relation. The same condition is with Aayra, but both like each other.I Dont Luv U movie review

A serious clash comes in their life when Yuvaan does a stupid act by prevailing a dancing clip of Aayra which was not sounds good for her and breaks her trust for him. This tiny clip becomes cause to break their nice relation. This movie also reflects the main issue of today’s technology that should be used for right purposes and misuse of this can be harmful to others and can affect a person’s life. After passing some time, he realizes that it was his wrong act and he should be apologized for it, but either he becomes successful to win her heart again or not? You must watch “I Don’t Luv U” hope you will enjoy it. At some points it gives bored effect to audience due to the common story of college youngsters that all is revolves around Yuvaan and Aayra, no action and no thrilling scenes there for audience. Youngster’s brilliant performance increases the value of this movie along with its beautiful tracks that allure listeners and compel their hearts to feel love and affection in their life.

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