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Haunted Child Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Haunted Child Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Haunted Child
Movie Cast :  
Piyu Chouhan, Varun Kumar, Pankaj Berry, Mushtaq Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Hina Rajput
Movie Director :  
Salim Raza
Music Director :  
Syed Ahmed
Rating :  
2.5 / 5

Haunted Child movie review

An interesting and full of curiosity film of this week is Salim Raza’s Haunted Child that would be on top rating of many of the Horror movies. The story is all about a girl and her daughter that how they survive and what happened with them. The name of the movie describes about the troubles and problems faced by a little child and her death even she came back to take her death’s revenge from her killers. She creates terrible conditions for them and irritates them in very bad situations that seem horror for viewers. All the scenes are based on curiosity and suspense that keep sustaining the attention of the audience in a very good way. By Salim Raza the production house for this project is supported by Piyush Chauhan whereas the list of characters includes the names of Pankaj Berry, Varun Kumaar, Mushtaq Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Jannat Prit Kaur, Piyu Chauhan and Hina Rajput. The entire cast worked hard to make this movie popular among viewers whereas the best thing about this movie is that there are no promotion facts is used.

Haunted Child starts with a girl’s story with the name of Tanya. She has an interest in modeling and comes to Mumbai for this task because she has offered by a person’s name Deepak. She belo0ngs to a lower class and soon become a friend of Deepak who is a designer. She is innocent and has no idea about the sensitivity of this modern city and falls in love with Deepak and he engages her in bad thoughts. She does not know that she is pregnant, but does not want to lose her child. On the other side, the landlord of Deepak’s home says to her that she wants to take her child and takes her to a very calm place so that no one can reach there. After the birth of the child, they killed her and Tanya surprised to know their intentions.

Her child’s death becomes a twist in the movie and the horror scenes start to come because the child comes again in the shape of witch to take revenge of her murder. They do not know what is going to happen with them and what the reason behind this story is. To reveal the suspense go to the cinemas and watch the movie. The music of Haunted Child was directed by Syed Ahmad and wording for the songs we're writing by Salim Raza in voices of Deblina and Syed Ahmad. There is nothing exciting to have the music of this movie. Further, you will gain very acknowledging message from this movie that hides into the story. Must watch, but be sure either your family or kids can bear the terrible scenes or not.

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