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Club 60 Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Club 60 Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Club 60
Movie Cast :  
Farooq Sheikh, Sarika, Raghuveer Yadav, Satish Shah, Tinu Anand, Sharat Saxena, Vineet Kumar
Movie Director :  
Sanjay Tripathi
Music Director :  
Pranit Gedham
Rating :  
2 / 5

club 60 movie review

Club 60 is a movie that is made on different concept to arouse feelings for our elders when they reach in their sixties and youngsters spoil their respect without thinking anything. The story is for everyone who has soft feelings or who in youngster’s circle and it is expected that the concept will attract the audience. it is directed by Sanjay Tripathi that was produced by Kavee Kumar by hiring the cast of Farooq Sheikh, Raghuveer Yadev, Satish Shah, Sarika, Tinu Anand, Vineet Kumar and Sharat Saxena. The music of this movie is made by Pranit Gedham and worked on the lyrics of Mahendra Madhukar and Najeer Akbara Badi. Arijit Singh, Nandini Shrikar, Raju Singh and Radhuveer Yadev are famous for singing the songs of this album.

The story takes start from a Club 60 where everyone takes start of their morning by playing a tennis game and enjoying the company of different fellows. The club is made especially for those people who lost their loved ones or those who spoiled by their children. Simply you can say that it is a platform that gives a shelter to those who are alone and want to spend their last years of life happily with the company of their same age fellows. It is obvious that no one can understand your feelings when you reach at the last years of your life and you become helpless and dependent on others for every of your needs. Same is happen with a couple Dr Tarique and his wife Dr Sayra when they lost their son and have nothing to spend time except them. Their grief is not small so they need something else that can help them to forgive all happened previously. After spending times at their home together they realize that they cannot do anything for their grief so they have to go somewhere else to get rid of their grief or pain.

In essence they are trying to find a good place for them to live their next life and they meet a person with name of Mannu Bhai. He tells them about a super cool club that will help them and share information about that club. Mannu suggests them to join this club and gives them membership form to fill and to submit. After taking decision to join Club 60 they realize that that is the place there they can easily spent their last days of their lives and everyone around them are same as them. People of the club are very nice and loving they engage them to take participate in their social work and play tennis game on daily basis. In short it is a best start of the day for them otherwise the day can spoil them and they live just like a family having true and sensitive feelings for each other.

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