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B.A. Pass Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> B.A. Pass Movie Review

Movie Name :  
B.A. Pass
Movie Cast :  
Shilpa Shukla, Rajesh Sharma, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Amit Sharma, Geeta Agarwal, Shadab Kamal
Movie Director :  
Ajay Bahl
Music Director :  
Alokananda Dasgupta
Rating :  
2.5 / 5

B.A. Pass movie review

With a different movie name B.A Pass Ajay Bahl worked well having its good star cast with the production house of him. In actual this movie will entertain viewers in different sense because it is about a young lad who is playing a male prostitution role that will be unique. This role will give him chance to show his fabulous performance while fulfilling his familyís requirements. The cast of this movie includes the names of Shadab kamal, the stunning Shilpa Shukla Rajesh Sharma, Dibyendu Bhattecharya and Geeta Agrawal are the top in the list of starring.

B.A Pass has very romantic and sexiest scenes that will work to provoke the sexy feelings in audience especially the young generation, but this will focus on the complications coming towards the way of the sex life after the marriage of older man. Shilpa Shukla is playing a very bold and sexy role in this movie that is the role of an old manís wife who is not satisfy with the feelings of her husband. Her name is Sarika in this movie and the opposite of her is Shadab Kamal who is playing a prostituteís role with name of Mukesh. It is his need to be a prostitute and to adapt this profession because he has no way to earn money in this advanced life, then he tried the short time profession to earn a good money.

The story starts from a turn when he goes to Paharganj to live with his aunt and her family even though they are not willing for him to stay with them, but they have to bear his presence due to some reasons. Well he has two sisters and he has to send money for them because he is only their brother. In all this pity condition, he found a wrong way that is offered by a smart money woman who has her own husband, but want to spend time with young boys. For this purpose, she shares her feelings with this boy and after that, he become agree to do all that for getting money. After doing once, he feels excited to get enough money for spending time with her and make it his profession.

The twist comes when he realizes that this is not as good and wants to turn back from the point of this profession, but he is too late. He faces many problems in this way, but not loses his heart. Yes you can say that this time you will have the chance to learn different points from the project of B.A Pass and will also give you an entertaining time.

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