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Aisha Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Aisha Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Movie Cast :  
Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Ira Dubey, Arunoday Singh, Cyrus Shahukar , Lisa Haydon, Amrita Puri
Movie Director :  
Rajshri Ojha
Music Director :  
Anil Kapoor
Rating :  
3.5 / 5

Aisha‘Aisha’, an edition of Jane Austen's classic Emma is chic, cool, fashionable, fast, enticing to the eyes but lacks emotion. The film shows the contemporary, fast town life of Delhi. The film encircle around the main character ‘Aisha’ played by Sonam Kapoor.

‘Aisha’ lives life of her own. She loves to contract with the problems of others. She is bounded by hordes of friends. Everyone’s annoyance is her bother. Aisha plays a matchmaker.

The movie is very high on method but low on emotion. There are many typescripts in the film but as the film income, one would get to know how they are connected to each other. Aisha (Sonam Kapoor) always eyes conflicting gender because she wants a perfect match for her friend Shefali (Amrita Puri). There is Arjun (Abhay Deol), who is a speculation banker and he is an frustration for her. He thinks Aisha’s matchmaking business is litter.

He laughs at her and she hates her. Another close client of Aisha is Randhir Gambhir (Cyrus Sahukar) who too wants a life cohort and helping him for the right match is one and only Aisha.

He is the son of a mythoi baron.There is also handsome Dhruv (Arunoday Singh), a London return-appealing dude for whom Aisha develop a liking. Aisha’s object of protectiveness is Aarti (Lisa Haydon), who is dazzling and sexy and a very close friend of Dhruv.

Confusion creates when Aisha gets to know that Randhir loves him and he does not have any feeling for Shefali. Frustrated Aisha moved on to find a new match for Shefali. Meanwhile, Arjun tries to induce Aisha that what she is doing is not right. By the time, she realize the wrong, bungle happens.

The film is very high on fashion. The designers have done a great job to make the typescript look striking. The music too rocks. Dialogues are good all over. The problem is with the script. What the film tries to get across is complex to appreciate. It is neither a dreamy nor a tragedy film. Speaking about performances, Sonam Kapoor played her part well. She rocks all the way through.

She acted smoothly. Every parts of her body moved and acted. Abhay Deol had a little part to perform. Hope, he gets some more scenes in his bag. Ira Dubey, Arunoday Singh and Lisa Haydon are proficient. Amrita Puri steals the show. Rajshree Ojha gave more significance to the look of the film rather than the contented.

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