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Aalaap Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Aalaap Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Movie Cast :  
Amit Purohit, Harsh Rajput, Aabid Shamim, Pitobash, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Rituparna Sengupta, Abhimanyu Singh, Raghubir Yadav, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Vijay Raaz, Murli Sharma
Movie Director :  
Manish Manikpuri
Music Director :  
Rating :  
2 / 5

AalaapRahul (Amit Purohit) is really a youth icon in Chattisgarh for his cultural activities like a university student being groomed by Bhaiyyaji (Vijay Raaz) for better things whereas Pitobash Tripathy, Harsh Rajput and Aabid Shamim are edgy youngsters, who forma rock-band. When Rahul meets the trio and convinces them to synergy with him for any condition wide cultural function, all form creates a deep bond. However, their lives get affected once they see a military truck being inflated by Naxals so when they understand the government measures are ineffective, they choose their music to create love and peace towards the conflict torn region.

The way the quartet will get involved within the fight lines attracted by anti-Naxal cop RP Singh (Abhimanyu Singh), Naxal leader Gopal Reddy (Murli Sharma) and Naxal sympathizing physician Bharti (Rituparna Sengupta) forms the relaxation from the story… The film truly comes with an impressive supporting cast by means of Murli Sharma, Vijay Raaz, Raghubir Yadav, Omkardas Manikpuri and Abhimanyu Singh plus they do full justice for their roles, despite getting hurdles by means of an inadequate script and poor dialogues. The primary cast composed of Purohit, Rajput, Pitobash and Shamim too perform passably though Purohit's Rahul results in as too 'goody-goody' and also the other three appear to become rebels with no cause, whose anti-Establishment attitude isn't investigated effectively.

Though the idea of a rock-band attempting to bring peace inside a volatile atmosphere is very interesting the execution part prevents this movie from as being a laudable effort. Sometimes, the director appears unclear about whether he's creating a musical film or perhaps a film around the Naxal problem. Furthermore, why would four youngsters, who're apparently born and raised in violent Chattisgarh, all of a sudden get affected and traumatized by a single incident, is one thing that's not described clearly. The script and script isn't sufficient and neither is the cinematography along with other technical aspects.

The background music by band Agnee isn't so bad as a result with tunes like dil yeh awaaz p, pa pa ra pa and ek nayi roshni although the one item number 'chadhti jawani' is certain to stimulate a cynical smile (how come every director want a product number, without relation to its the plot and theme from the movie, is what you should most likely finish up wondering)

Like pointed out earlier, the film comes with an impressive star cast but overall, the film isn't as impressive as you would like it to be…

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